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Feb 17, 2013 6:00am PST
people, someone like him with a college degree would poor more money into the economy. >> the dream act passes, dreamers will earn $148 billion by 2030. so if they are going to earn that much money, that means they are going to spend this much money. >> terrence claims if the dream act doesn't pass, even with a math degree he won't be able to find a good-paying job. >> find a job where someone would pay me under the table supermarkets, laundry, things like that. >> rick says the dream act would encourage more people to cross the border. >> so everyone who had a thought of wanting to come to the united states is hearing the president and both sides of congress say there's going to be an amnesty we want to have these people come here and work, they have heard and and heard it and heard it. >> in a recent interview u.c. berkeley roger said universities like u.c. berkeley will continue to help students like terrence. >> these are extraordinarily talented people. and in the current era in california we can't wait for the talent. >> if you want to visit the website go to and clic
Feb 23, 2013 6:00am PST
-called sequester will slow the economy and hurt the middle class. >> are republicans in congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kids' schools and mental healthcare just to protect loopholes for corporate jet owners? are they really willing to slash border patrol because they refuse to eliminate taxbreaks for big oil companies? are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask more from those at the very top? >> the republican response says the oil pipeline is one way to create jobs and grow the economy. >>> automatic spending cuts could deeply affect the lives of hundreds of people in the bay area. employees of the faa will be forced to take furlough of at least one day per pay period. passengers could see 90 minute delays at airports and many flights would be cancelled. as many as five bay area control towers could shut down. that's their plan to close as many as 100 airports that have fewer than 150,000 flight operations yearly. at yosemite national park the cuts could mean fewer trash pickups, which may affect bears. trail repair an
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
ticket prices this year because the economy is so sluggish. airlines are aware they are under scrutiny because of the pending merger between american and us airways and critics say it could lead to higher ticket prices. maker's mark backed off a plan to reduce alcohol content of bourbon to stretch supplies during a shortage. the company was going to thin out the bourbon using water bringing it from 90 proof to 84 proof. after getting a lot of reaction from people despite saying you would not be able to tell the flavor difference, they had to pick off and they will continue to have 90 proof maker's mark. >> call off the protests, eric. >> i am not a bourbon drinker. >> good to answer the customer complaints. >> now from lemonade to hot chocolate. >> well, what about hard lemon made. >> we go from summer drinkors spring drinks back to winter drinks, nice, kristen, coming up on 6:19, and you can see from mount tamalpais, with pockets of sunshine. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning. the next storm comes in from the northwest. look at the visibility, in novato at zero, so it is
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3